Mark Allanson (marke) wrote,
Mark Allanson

The Eternal Slowdown and C#

Why have I not done much regarding setting up my journal????

C# has taken over my recreational computer time!! I love this new language and the .NET framework from Microsoft is fantastic.. Read a C-Net News article today about how people don't "get" .NET yet.

I completely understand. Up until about 2 weeks ago I was just as confused as everyone else. What is .NET.. whats it got to do with Microsoft's Passport Sign-up. I now understand. It all makes sense. .NET is a set of common programming frameworks that can be accessed in the same way by more than one language in the same fashion. This is not the be all and end all of .NET, however it remains the most important thing. If you can understand this, you can understand the value of .NET.

To quote Mike Ricciuti's C-Net article. "'The geeks get it,' he said. 'They are using it, so there is this bottom-up phenomena.'"
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